BananaFund is a place where people having ideas can pitch and crowd-fund a business project.

The world is fueled by great ideas. But turning a great idea into a great business can be overwhelming. BananaFund is a one-stop solution design to help transform ideas into businesses. Entrepreneurs get started by simply pitching their ideas. It does not even need to be a complete idea, just a rough sketch. They can set their terms for their projects (equity for the investors and themselves) to indicate what they want to keep and what they want to give away to investors.

The BananaFund crowd will then brainstorm the idea collaborating with the entrepreneur to fill in the gaps and all the important details (plans, rules, documents and specifications). In return, collaborators are given a slice of the project for free. Next, the equity crowdfunding begins as the project aim to its funding goal. Once that happens BananaFund basically takes care of the rest: they handle the paperwork and take care of running the business for you. They assign each project a manager. And it is their job to run the business, provide daily updates, near-real-time accounting, and unprecedented operational transparency.

There is a crowd voting mechanism, a live marketplace to trade your positions in real-time.

STEP 1: Initial Token Offering:

BananaFund launched on 5th of December and there is an initial token offering where the first 10,000 sign ups have the option to pre-bid and buy a stake in the project. The faster you buy, the cheaper your position is.

STEP 2: Marketplace Opening:

As soon as the project is funded, the token marketplace will start (expected in January 2017).

The price will then fluctuate according to supply and demand. And you will be able to list your tokens for sale at market rates (if you wish to).

STEP 3: The business is created:

As revenues start pouring in, marketplace valuation fluctuates in real-time. The token holders receive dividends and can vote on any changes to the business.

BananaFund is using Bitcoin for withdrawals and deposits. Sharing your referral link after you sign up can be rewarding. You get:

  • 10% of the value of every Token purchased by your Direct Referral during an Initial Token Offering
  • 0.50% of the value of his every Bitcoin withdrawal!
  • 0.015% – 0.025% of the value of every Marketplace Token trade made by him!
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