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ADZbuzz is in the center of the ADZcoin project. The ADZbuzz platform will allow people to share interesting content, socialize, promote and make contacts just like on any other social media platform.


When the ADZbuzzer is ready it will be a place where people can share interesting content created by all of our partner sites based on the user’s interest.

Instead of browsing one site to another, everybody will have all the content related to their interests in one place and will be able to discuss about it with their friends and family.

It will also be a place where members can earn ADZcoins in various ways.However, the main offer which is the ADZbuzz upgrade is the one that will not only help members stack as many ADZ as they can, but also push the value of ADZcoin up consistently over time (more about that later).

The ADZcoin upgrade offer will not only be the easiest way to stack a lot of ADZ without much effort at all, it will also ensure the platform remains spam free by only allowing members who take advantage of this offer post more than 5 times a day on their timeline along with multiple other limit increases.

There will be several packages:

$10 – 10 posts a day Get 105% Cashback
$20 – 15 posts a day Get 110% Cashback
$50 – 20 posts a day Get 115% Cashback
$100 – 25 posts a day Get 120% Cashback
$500 – 30 posts a day Get 125% Cashback
$1000 – 50 posts a day Get 130% Cashback
So if you for instance buy $100 worth of ADZ, you’ll be able to make 25 posts a day on the ADZbuzz platform and you’ll get $120 worth of ADZ back over time.

Any member can buy an unlimited amount of upgrades and accumulate as many ADZ as he can over time!

So along with creating a high quality platform by reducing spam, there is no reason why anybody wouldn’t be able to earn 1000’s of ADZ and create a serious amount of value over time.

And even better, the offer is basically free. ?


It’s very simple, here are the 3 steps:

The moment a member pays for the upgrade and the payment is confirmed, he’ll receive 100% of the ADZ he sent back in his account.
Daily profits will be added to the member’s account and accumulate over time based on the ADZbuzz project’s revenue from other products. (as you’ll learn below)
Once the total cashback amount is reached, the ADZ will be available to withdraw to the member’s wallet.
As you can see this is a 100% risk-free offer since the amount paid will be instantly refunded to the member and the amount of ADZ will gradually increase day by day until the cashback amount is reached.


The ADZbuzz project will have a wide range of offers that will be used to share its profits with upgraded members.

The list below is just an initial offers list, as time goes by more and more products and services will be added.

After reading this initial list I’m sure you realize the huge potential of stacking thousands of ADZ easily with the upgrade offer.

Please Note: The first two offers are already available but they will soon be integrated into the ADZbuzz platform itself and will soon only be available to be purchased with ADZcoin!


As an intro offer we will pre-sell part of our advertising inventory in order to give lucky marketers the chance to get traffic for life on the ADZbuzz platform. We have a total of 10K spots available and 50% of total ADZbuzz traffic will be evenly divided amongst all spots.

Here’s an overview of the packages available:

1 Spot – 100K+ Clicks Guarantee – $99
2 Spots – 200K+ Clicks Guarantee – $189 (5% OFF!)
5 Spots – 500K+ Clicks Guarantee – $439 (10% OFF!)
10 Spots – 1M+ Clicks Guarantee – $819 (15% OFF!)
25 Spots – 2.5M+ Clicks Guarantee – $1979 (20% OFF!)
50 SPOTS – 5M+ Clicks Guarantee – $3499 (25% OFF!)
100 SPOTS – 10M+ Clicks Guarantee – $6899 (30% OFF!)
As you can see this is truly an amazing offer we present here and we’ll share the revenue from this offer with upgraded ADZbuzz members daily.

>>> Check Out The ADZbuzz Lifelong Traffic Offer Here

The ads will be quite similar to search engine ads.

However when our ad server is completed we will have multiple advertising options available and more importantly, multiple targeting options to ensure the advertisements are displayed to the right audience.


Becoming an ADZbuzz VIP will allow you to earn even more ADZ from our co-op advertising program.

What it comes down to is that all VIP members will earn commissions from the referrals we bring to ADZbuzz ourselves.

This is again a limited offer which will allow buyers to earn daily profits for the rest of their life! There are 1000 full spots available and here is an overview of the packages:

$20 – 1/25 Earnings
$50 – 1/10 Earnings
$100 – 1/5 Earnings
$250 – 1/2 Earnings
$500 – Full Earnings
This is again a very attractive offer that will allow us to share a lot of ADZ with upgraded ADZbuzz members.

>>> Check Out The ADZbuzz VIP Offer Here


As you have seen the ads in the lifelong traffic offer, we will have similar ads which will be displayed above the ADZbuzz member’s timeline.

I’m referring to this area where currently the announcements are displayed on top of the timeline.

When this product is released the advertiser will be able to create ads similar to the search engine ads displayed above the earch result.

And obviously when our ad server is completed there will be multiple targeting options.

Until this is completed these are the packages that we will sell:

1 Day Package – $9,95
3 Day Package – $26;95 (10% OFF)
7 Day Package – $55,95 (20% OFF)
30 Day Package – $209,95 (30% OFF)
There will be 3 ads rotating in between 30 ads so a total of 30 slots will be available every day.


While ADZbuzz is a place to hang out and be social with your friends and share interesting content, the ADZbuzz Forum will become the educational part of the project.

Forums like Blackhatworld or the Warriorforum are great places to learn about internet marketing and not only that, they are great business models.

While it’s still early, we will launch an offer soon that will not only help the forum grow faster, it will also allow people to earn ADZ by making high quality posts.

As an introduction offer we will give 1000 people the chance to become an ADZbuzzforum VIP member for a one-time fee of $19,95!

When the first 1000 spots are filled we will make this a yearly membership package that will require new payments year after year to stay an ADZbuzzforum VIP and earn ADZ from posting.

The earnings will be distributed like this:

Weekly post count of all forum VIP members is calculated
Every week ADZ are sent to the member’s ADZ wallet based on amount of posts made that week
Post count is turned back to zero the following week
So in essence every VIP member will get paid once a week for the posts he made that particular week.

And obviously, profits of this offer will be used to distribute amongst upgraded ADZbuzz members!


The ADZbuzz platform will build a list for people who are interested in receiving a daily newsletter with interesting offers.

Every offer that is sent out and we will not be something that will improve marketer’s business, but we’ll tell people exactly how it will improve their business.

Having a mailing sent out will soon become possible and the pricing will be determined by the average click through rate of the mailing list.


The groups and page feature in ADZbuzz 2.0 (which is currently in development) will be improved tremendously and will have various extra features.

The main additions on top of becoming much more user-friendly will be a live chat box where only group members can chat with each other, and an option for group creators to directly sell products using our integrated ADZcoin payment gateway.

In a later phase we’ll even add the option to create a store inside the group or page, something which will be very interesting considering most ADZbuzz members will have ADZ in their ADZbuzz wallet and making a payment will be super easy.

So in order to benefit the most from groups and pages, marketers obviously need to attract as many followers as possible.

For this purpose alone we will add the option to advertise your group or page to a very targeted audience using the suggestion box.

This is currently used for making more friends, but when this advertising option launches it will solely display groups and pages and seamlessly integrate with the overall ADZbuzz design.

This advertising option will be added after the initial version of the ADZbuzz ad server is released and profits of this product will be distributed amongst ADZbuzz upgraded members.


So as you have read, there will be a bunch of ADZ-only products added to the ADZbuzz project soon of which we will share profits with ADZbuzz upgraded members.

But that’s not all of course!

The ADZbuzz project already has multiple income streams that will be used for the same purpose and continuously expand its network of products and services.

After all, the target is have over 1 million upgraded members by the end of this year so there needs to be a lot of revenue flowing in to ensure every upgraded member gets the cashback fast.

The list of additional prducts below will show you exactly why we will achieve that:

ADZcoin Payment Processor
Still in beta but already functional using the API, the payment processor will make it super easy for merchants to accept ADZ in their business. This will not only increase the utility of ADZ worldwide but also means a massive income stream to pay upgraded ADZbuzz members.

The goal is to have thousands of merchants accepting ADZ by the end of this year and the ADZbuzz project will receive 1% of every transaction made which is partially used to pay ADZbuzz upgraded members.

ADZcoin Web Wallet
Everybody is able to store their coins within their ADZbuzz account. Soon there will be extra security added and the majority of coins are added in cold storage so everybody can feel secure about storing their coins.

A small fee is deducted for every deposit and/or withdrawal which is also partially used to pay ADZbuzz upgraded members.

ADZbuzz Marketplace
If you want to see a preview on how our marketplace works, you can check out the ADZbuzz Markeplace. This is a Fiverr-like marketplace which makes it super easy to buy and sell digital products and services using ADZcoins.

Every sale will earn the ADZbuzz project 10% which will be partially used to pay ADZbuzz upgraded members. Later on we will add an additional income stream by helping sellers advertise their products and services on the marketplace.

ADZcoin Cashback
Another major income stream will be the ADZcoin Cashback platform along with the ADZcoin Savers browser extension. The site is already fully loaded with merchants and earning ADZ while shopping online will be super easy.

Every time somebody makes a sale the ADZbuzz project will earn an affiliate commissions, which will partially be used to pay the buyer Cashback in ADZcoin to pay upgraded ADZbuzz members. The goal is to have at least 100K installations of the extension by the end of the year which would mean a massive additional income stream as everybody buys something online every once in a while.

That’ it for now!

As you can see there are numerous additional products that will generate revenue for the ADZbuzz project that will grow along with the amount of upgraded ADZbuzz members.

And that’s not all of course, there will constantly new revenue streams added to the project over time, which will be pretty easy to promote with a fast growing ADZbuzz userbase.



As you have learned, soon there will be numerous products added inside the ADZbuzz dashboard.

But did you know that the ADZbuzz platform will have a global affiliate program?

You can already promote ADZbuzz with your personal referral link and everybody that signs up to adzbuzz through this link will be tied to your account for life.

If any of your referrals buy one of the products that will soon be added to the ADZbuzz platform you will earn a commission of 10% of their purchase.

And yes, that means the upgrade offer too!

Just imagine the amount of income you can earn when you can refer 5, 10 or even 100 people to ADZBuzz!

Let’s take a look at an example:

When you refer 10 people who buy $100 upgrade monthly. Everybody earns $20 per month profit (let’s assume the distribution of profits takes 1 month to make things easy)
Everybody reinvests the $100 and keeps the profit to remain an upgraded member and keep on earning $20 profit
You earn $100 / Month every month in passive income!
You can easily adjust these numbers upwards and see how much you could make with some extra effort and if your referrals take a different approach..

Here are some other examples:

You refer 10 people who buy the $500 upgrade package (on average)
Refer 10 people -> You earn $500 per month
Refer 50 people -> You earn $2500 per month
Refer 100 people -> You earn $5000 per month
You see the potential here?

Now with the knowledge that everybody can buy as many upgrade packages as they want, it’s easy to figure out that with some proper education about compounding, people will want to buy higher packages of the upgrade offer in order to earn more passive income every month.

So instead of just investing the $500 over and over again and keeping the profits, people could easily reinvest their profits too and earn an unlimited amount of ADZ in the long run.

Or they can compound their profits until they are happy with the passive income they make and only then start withdrawing their profits.

And more importantly, by referring people who compound their profits, you’ll earn an increasing amount of passive income too!


First of all, I’m sure you are very excited when you see the numbers about potential earnings. After all, your referrals will be tied to your account for life and you’ll earn every time they buy a product, including an offer they will undoubtedly buy over and over again.

And let’s not forget that the offer is 100% risk-free too since the moment the payment of the upgrade offer is made, the amount of ADZ will be added to the member’s balance. This is unlike any other similar product where you have to start from zero.

Who doesn’t want to build up a risk-free passive income over time right?

Obviously the speed in which the cashback, and with this I mean the profits, is paid is totally dependent on the amount of sales we make from the other products.

But have you seen the list of revenue sources?

Let me recap quickly here:

ADZ Payment processor
ADZbuzz Marketplace
ADZbuzz Web Wallet
ADZcoin Cashback + Extension
ADZbuzz VIP offer
Lifelong ADZbuzz Traffic Offer
ADZbuzz Ad Server
Notification Bar Ad Packages
ADZbuzzforum VIP Offer
Solo Ad Mailings
Group / Page Suggestion Ads
And that’s just to start with. ?

As the ADZbuzz user base grows, the revenue from all these high quality offers will grow with it ensuring the revenue distribution grows daily.

This will ensure we can keep on helping people stacking more and more ADZ forever as they will share in the ADZbuzz project’s success.

With all the info I presented here in this post, I think it’s fair to conclude that it’s inevitable that ADZcoin will create millionaires.


Several reasons:

Many people will earn a lot of ADZ soon
Regardless of how many people have a big stash of ADZ right now, a large amount of people will still be able to earn a lot of ADZ from the lucrative offers we’re about to launch. So there will be hundreds, if not thousands of people who will have at least 10K ADZ stashed away.

This in combination with the fact that ADZ are still priced ridiculously low at the exchanges makes that a lot of people will have tremendous amount of value in their digital wallet.

The ADZbuzz upgrade offer will continuously push the price up
The price of ADZ is determined by the simple rule of supply and demand. If the supply is low and the demand is high, the price will go up and vice versa.

“What makes the ADZbuzz upgrade offer so incredibly favorable for the ADZcoin price is the fact that it will keep the supply low at all times.”

If you understand the meaning of this sentence, then you will be pretty excited about the potential of ADZ.

In fact, you should be ecstatic!

It simply means that the ADZ people purchase in order to upgrade their account will be held in their wallet at all times until the full cashback is received.

So for example:

You buy $100 Upgrade offer (let’s assume $1 = 1 ADZ)
100 ADZ are held in wallet while profits are accumulated
When amount reaches 120 ADZ the funds are available
Now do you remember the example I gave you about the compounding and how it will help people grow their revenue?

Then you surely understand that it doesn’t make much sense to withdraw the full amount of ADZ and exchange them for dollars (unless you urgently need cash of course).

The majority of people however will simply keep on building their account until they make a serious passive income, and more importantly: own an asset that is worth a lot of money!

So what does this mean?

There are a total number of 84 million ADZcoins that will ever exist
Only about 20 million are in circulation and only 10% of that is for sale (if that)
If 10K people buy the $100 upgrade package, every ADZ cannot be worth less than $1.
Obviously this is a very simplistic reasoning as there are numerous other purposes for ADZcoin than just to be used to buy the ADZbuzz upgrade offer, but that just shows you the potential.

And what if people build their account and buy more upgrades?

And what if more people join the ADZbuzz upgrade offer?

I said the target is to have 1 million people buy the upgrade offer right?

ADZcoin worth $10? $50? Even $100?

With this system it’s impossible NOT to happen as the age old law of supply and demand rules. The supply constantly decreases while at the same time the demand constantly increases.


A constant increase in price of ADZcoin.


I’m sure by now you have a clear overview of what the ADZcoin project has in store the coming weeks/months.

We’ll soon launch:

Several high quality products that will not only help marketers and online merchants increase their business but help people create a solid passive income stream.
An affiliate program which will inevitably make the concept go viral.
An ever growing user-base which will allow us to add many more income streams to the ADZbuzz project to ensure people can build up a full-time passive income fast.
All of this will have the result that ADZcoin will skyrocket even before we launch the finalized concept which will help publishers add an extra income stream to their business and make ADZcoin go mainstream.

So right now everything is in preparation in order for anybody to earn a full-time passive income from the ADZcoin / ADZcoin project.

Will ADZcoin create millionaires?

I say: “Yes of course, it’s impossible not to right?!”


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