Avoiding Scams

How to avoid scams?

Scam sites are sites commiting fraud and tricking members by not paying. The owners of such sites run away with money provided by advertisers without paying the members. They usually disable forums, suspend people for no reason and vanish after a few months before most of the members even reach the payout minimum.  Hundreds of new PTC sites appear every day and most of them are made with intent to scam people.

The sites I have listed on the main page of this website are trusted. I use them every day and I’ve been paid by them so there is no doubt about their status. Still you need to be careful and cashout as soon as you get to the payout limit just to be sure because you know that all things in the world are unpredictable. It is possible that a site pays for a few years and suddenly vanishes but that’s very rare. Just remember that as soon as you get your money in your payment processor account (Paypal, Payza, Egopay…) it is safe.

Advertisers on paid to click sites usually advertise new PTC sites so you’ll be seeing them a lot when you click ads on the trusted sites I’ve listed on the main page of this website. It’s always tempting to sign up to a new site because you can get more referrals but it’s rarely a good thing to do!

The most important skill you can develop in this business is to distinct scam sites from the trusted ones. I have been scammed on my way to find trusted sites and that’s why I’m going to give you a few tips I’ve learned to teach you how to stay away from such fraudalent sites.

When joining sites I haven’t listed on my website follow these tips:

1. If it’s too good to be true it probably is! There were sites promising 1 dollar per click or even more. No one will pay you more than two or three cents per ad view! (PaidVerts is an exception because it uses an unique system to offer high ads)

2. Good sites always give fast support and have forums where you can check debates about payments. On the other side some scam sites even delete the posts of users complaining so always check the dates of the latest posts. If you have a pending payment post a new topic in the forum and you’ll see what the admin answers. If your post gets deleted you know the site is probably scam.

3. High payout limit and raising of the limit are bad signs. Some sites start with a low payout limit for month or two and then slowly raise the limit and change the terms. Sites that require users to upgrade to get paid are definitely going to be scam. Sites making selective payments which means that only a few percent of users get paid are also common so don’t take a few payment proofs and few good reviews for granted.

4. Do not invest for upgrades! Newly opened sites are very risky so your only goal is to reach the payout limit as fast as you can and hope that you receive your payment. If you don’t receive your payment in a few weeks you should cancel the withdraw and transfer the account balance to purchase balance and use it to create an ad for your referral link of a trusted site. This way your time spent on the scam site won’t be wasted.

5. Check EMoneySpace Forums and see what other users are saying about a specific site.

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