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MyTrafficValue is an online crowdfunding platform that was launched in April 2012. It’s a new business model and is starting to gain popularity since it’s latest product PaidVerts is turning out to be a huge success. MyTrafficValue is not a quick-rich scheme or a ponzi model that the online business scene is flooded with. It’s one of the few money making websites that doesn’t make money out of thin air!

My Traffic Value

 The concept of MyTrafficValue

Basic idea of the model is for the platform to gather money via crowdfunding and then use that money to build profitable products like games, applications, advertising source and basically anything you could think of. The revenues(profits these products make) are then used to pay back investors – from oldest to newest. And each of these products has to make profits 3.6x times the development cost before it can fully repay back all the investors. The great thing about this is that after a product has made profits 3.6x times of its development costs, it becomes an extra (debt free) asset to the system and helps repay other investors quicker.

Invest in the Fast Track plans to get a lump return of 170% or 200%

The fast track plans are at the core of MyTrafficValue. They provide the business with development funding that is used to build profitable products, services, provide website’s security and upkeep.

Upon investing into the fast track plans your investment will be divided in several parts (development funding, result contributions, referrals commissions, shareholder dividends) and your investment will enter the fast track queue at the end. The important thing to understand with these plans is that you will not receive daily payments but rather lump sum payments when it’s your turn to get fast tracked (where everyone before you in the queue have been fast tracked). Currently the expected ETA to be fast-tracked is 100-200 days, which is frankly amazing for a 170% or 200% return from real revenues! Compare that with a 2-5% yearly interest rate in the banks and you can see why people are flocking up to invest in MyTrafficValue.

There are two fast track plans, the FT 170, which pays out a 170% ROI when fast tracked, and the FT 200, which pays out a 200% ROI when fast tracked. Investments from both plans join the same fast track queue, the only difference is that to gain access to the 200 FT you need to pay a 2000$ yearly access fee. So the 200 FT is recommended and an obvious choice for investors with $1000 or more. Once you make an investment into either of these plans all you have to do is sit tight and wait for the system to do it’s job – and when it’s your turn(currently expected to be take 100-200 days for new investments), voila, you’ve got your 170% or 200% lump sum return!

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