Join many PTC Sites

Join as many sites as you can handle within your allocated time you wish to spend daily.
I spend daily 60 to 90 minutes to click all the required ads on all sites I’m registered on that are listed on the main page of this blog.
Clicking all available advertisements on a PTC site takes only 3 to 5 minutes and being registered on many sites greatly increases your earning possibilities.

Click PTC Sites at the same time

Each advertisement can take up to 60 seconds to complete. While waiting for the timer in an advertisement to end open a new tab in your browser, login to another PTC Site and click an advertisement on the newly opened site. You can’t do that with sites that force you to focus the ad while waiting (if you go to another tab the timer stops) and you’ll eventually see which ones are those.

Open three or more sites that let you leave the tab with the advertisement. Let’s name them A, B and C for this example. Then you open a site that forces you to focus the ad. Let’s name it site D. Quickly click an ad on the site A, B and C and at last on site D. Stay focused on the site D till the timer ends. It’s the best way to use your time and remember that time is precious!

Open as many PTC Sites as you can handle. I normally open around 10 tabs and click ads on 5 sites at a time.

Bookmark your PTC Sites

Bookmark all your PTC Sites to easily locate them. It spares you from remembering and typing the URLs. In my case, I set my browser to remember the login ID and password to save me even more time. It is also very smart to make 2 folders in your bookmarks and fill one folder with the sites that require you to click ads every day to get credited from referrals and in the other folder the ones that don’t. This will help you when you have little time and you’ll only click the ones that are really necessary.


PTCs don’t need much attention. That’s why you can easily watch TV, listen to music or eat while you click. With mobile internet time can be also wisely used to click while you are riding a bus or train.

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